Friday, June 19, 2009

The Big Bag...

It has been a while since I would notice myself, slowing tucking away into the fabricated layers of this world and I knew I could push the layers off, but I did not do anything about it. I knew if I stayed tucked away underneath these layers it would bring me nothing but sorrow in the hereafter. I knew that where I was headed would not aid me whatsoever once this world was diminished and everything that belonged to it would have its deeds weighted on the day of Qayamat (Judgement Day). Then I’d think to myself some more... Allah (swt) has blessed me with so much knowledge about deen and yet I don’t use it to my benefit. At this point I needed someone to pull me out. To pull me out of this sea of nothingness that I was drowning in. Then something miraculous happened. Someone grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me up. It was then that I realized that there was more than one force which had pulled out. There were several of them. I honestly consider them my guardian angles. And words cannot even express how thankful I am towards them. I am so thankful towards Allah (swt) for surrounding these very special people around me and pray that they lead pious lives. Ameen.

A friend once asked me to imagine that I was given a big bag and told me to go to the bank and take as much money as I could...all the doors would have been broken for me and all I had to do was pick up the money under a time limit. Though, I was not given a specific time limit. That’s the same with our lives. Allah (swt) has sent us to this world and asked us to gain as much reward as possible under that time limit. So, while I am frantically getting the money from the bank, I struggle to get as much as I ought to. Though, once I am done with getting all that money I use it to my benefit. That is the same with our lives. When we collect enough rewards for ourselves then Allah (swt) will give us what we deserve in the afterlife.

I pray to Allah (swt) to make this journey of our lives full of happiness and minimize our struggles on our path to enlightenment. Ameen.