Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friends of the past.

Sometimes I wonder how my life may have been like if I stayed close to my elementary school days. I mean those 'friends' were what made me into the person I am today. They taught me some great lessons, mainly on how to choose my friends wisely. They weren't all bad, actually they weren't bad at all. After all they did teach me a lot of things.

My very first 'best friend', was in grade 3. We were quite close. Everyday at lunch I'd be at her house because my mom would be at adult school. Those were some good days. I don't actually remember a lot but I miss our friendship. Everything was going well until the last few days of school before summer. Apparently, her sister swore at me and I got mad. Again I was only 8 or 9. We didn't speak for a whole year. Fifth grade came and I thought it would be wise to say let the past be in the past and move on. After that, I don't think we tried to mend our friendship. We were different people, with different friends, in different circles.

In grade four I made really close friendships with two girls. One was the daughter of a close friend of my mom's. We remain friends to this day, but of course not as close as how we use to be. We shared all our secrets, we also shared our first crush. What to say about this girl? She was one personality that comes once in a while. She was fun, outgoing, and just a lot of fun! Our friendship took a hold when she went to India in the 6th grade. She was gone for a whole year. When she came back, she'd missed a year of school and had to repeat grade 6 again. But we didn't forget each other but we weren't the same anymore.

She is the last of my elementary best friends. We had a lot in common. We'd talk for hours on the phone. I guess we grew out of each other. Nothing bad ever happened between us, only that we didn't see much of each other and just stopped talking.

Those were my friends. So for my friends right now, no I don't like them more then you guys. Even though they were friends, they were only special to me then. You guys will always be very special to me. Even if we're like countries away from each other, I'll still LOVE YOU!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Remember...

Beach of Jeddah

I remember those days of climbing trees.

I remember those days of laughter.

I remember the tears,

I remember the broken arm,

I remember the sweets,

I remember the hot desert days,

I remember sand in my eyes,

I remember saying goodbye.

I remember those days in Saudi Arabia.

Friday, September 5, 2008

One of those days...

Ever had those days where everything is perfect for one moment and just after a blink it's all over the place? Though I may sound like something 'awful' happened to me, but you know it can never be that easy for me. Things just have to have a deeper and more complex meaning to them. My mind was at ease, I was fresh, not hesitant, and had a very different outlook on life. And then school started...

You might be thinking, 'what is this girl talking about?' I'm talking about those stupid little feelings you get once school starts. Anxiety, mood swings, humiliation, and all those feelings that were left behind at school the previous summer have come rushing back to me. Am I the only one out there who gets wound up about school this way? It's not that i dislike being in school, actually I like to be in school, but i guess it's just one of those thing I have to get over.

Well that's all I have to say about my day. Nothing special ever happens around here. Sometimes I wish I were in Rome!