Thursday, August 21, 2008

Whats his name???

Have you ever been in a situation where you look at someone you haven't seen in a while and as you're looking at them you try to remember what their name is?

Today as I was waiting for the elevator I saw a few boys walk in through the door. They all seemed to look like one another and I suppose they were all brothers. In walks the last of the brothers and I suddenly realize I've seen him before. Not only have I seen him before but, I think we use to be good friends at one point. I look at him for a few more seconds. I think to myself, ' What in the world is his name? ' Then he turned around. I'm sure we stood there looking at each other for about a good 5 seconds. He probably thought to himself, 'Why is that girl looking at me?' So FINALLY the elevator came and broke that awkward stare. He left. Another elevator came and I stepped in. still thinking to myself, ' What was is name? ' , about a dozen memories pop into my brain. We use to sit next to each other in the 5th grade. We were always playing tag at recess. For some stupid reason we'd get most of our laughs by kicking each other in the knee. All these memories and yet I can't figure out his name.

Whatever his name maybe or whatever type of person he may have become, I hope for him to have all the happiness and joy he deserves!


Hufsa said...

(NO comment as to if those are cries of laughter or if I'm just touched)

oooolala.. whoo this this person ;)

Sammi said...

no one special

Hufsa said...

Ooh really?? ;)