Friday, April 24, 2009

Honesty is the best policy...

...I think not. For years, I’ve believed in that statement and thought of it as some sort of great motto everyone should believe in. Yet, it’s turned out to hurt me more than do any good. People don’t want to hear the truth; they want to hear fabricated, candy-coated lies so they can feel ‘good’ about themselves. In friendships, you often take an unwritten and unspoken oath of this so called pledge of ‘honesty’ and to some, less than others, know that it complies to them at all times. They do their very best to be truthful, to be ‘honest’. Unfortunately, since you’ve taken this oath, you have to be notified of some of the unspoken rules:

1) Always be truthful

2) Be honest when one is questioning the other to how their appearance looks

3) Never be truthful in situations that actually matter, because frankly people don’t want to hear it.

4) Always be truthful

It’s funny how when things actually matter, human beings decide to shut themselves from the truth. Is it because they are too blindsided by the false impression of their own reality? Or is it because they are too afraid to face the truth, simplify because of the fact that they are cowards.

I’ve dwelled upon this question for quite a while now and seem to not be able to come to a clear conclusion. Maybe it’s because, somewhere in my sub conscience, I am one of those who like to hear these ‘candy-coated’ lies. Maybe it is human nature that drives us to want to shield ourselves from the truth, from the honesty, because the corruption of this world has led us into pure denial.

Those who think it is permissible to tell white lies soon grow color-blind.~Austin O'Malley


Hufsa said...

how true you are my friend, how very true.
The world is completely full of lies.. to a point where we even begin to doubt the truth. sad.

lilhijabi said...

sadly, very true!
i sometimes want to hear "candy coated" lies about, i dont! i want pure honesty:)